Alok is a Brazilian DJ and music producer whose real name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo. He was born in Goiânia on August 26, 1991. His main musical genres are house, EDM, slap house, deep house and Brazilian bass.

The singer has released several successful singles, EPS, compilations and partnerships. And he has among his greatest hits the songs "Hear Me Now", "Piece of Your Heart (remix)", "Don't Say Goodbye" and "Love Again".

Currently, Alok has performed a number of national and international shows. With the agenda committed until the end of the year.

Early career

Alok accompanied his parents along with his twin brother Bhaskar, in their psy trance performances in Brazil. And that's when he and his brother formed the Logical Trance Live Project. The duo even released a 100% authorial album and played shows in around 19 countries.

Alok's parents were known as DJ's known as Ekanta and Swarup.

He lived until the age of five in Águas Claras, Distrito Federal, and then moved to Amsterdam, Holland with his mother and brother. His mother worked as a cleaning lady in a nightclub. At that time, they lived in a building invaded by families. Often their mother had no one to leave them with, so she took them to dance clubs. "That's how music came into my life, at age 6," she said.

After finishing high school at La Salle school, he started a preparatory course for university entrance exams, and at the age of 19 he started the international relations course at the Catholic University of Brasília, because he thought that music was something unstable. But even so, he still worked as a DJ.

As soon as Alok turned 19, he left his international relations course to take a DJ course in London. Upon returning to Brazil, he decided to pursue a solo career and changed his music genre to house music, becoming one of the first to adopt the Brazilian sub-genre Bass.

In 2016 he was signed to Spinnin' Records and it didn't take long to become a national and international success.

How did the name Alok come about?

Alok's parents decided to name him after a trip to India. They met a spiritual guru named Osho, who indicated that their son should be named Alok, which in Sanskrit means "light". In addition, his parents were the pioneers of psy trance in the country and creators of Universo Paralello, an annual electronic music festival on Pratigi beach, Bahia.

Alok reveals that his main musical influences were his parents Ekanta and Swarup, in addition to rappers Criolo and Emicida, Arnaldo Antunes, Natiruts, Racionais and GOG, who according to him, these artists convey personality in music.

Furthermore, he claims to be a fan of Skrillex and Diplo. He also always listened to Daft Punk, Gorillaz, The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.

Musical success

Alok became one of the most prominent icons of the Brazilian electronic scene after the release of the hit single "Hear Me Now" in partnership with Bruno Martini and singer-songwriter Zeeba, with a great international projection and thus entering the charts of several countries.

He received several honors and awards such as: "Best DJ in Brazil" by House Mag magazine in 2014 and 2015, and being the only Brazilian in the top 25 in the world the following year by DJ Mag magazine.

In 2017, he was elected by Forbes Brasil as one of the 91 most influential people under 30 in the country. In 2021, Alok was ranked as the 4th best DJ in the world, just the year before 2020. When he reached the 5th position by DJ Mag magazine, being the highest position held by a Brazilian.

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